Lockdown Dance Party 7th Edition Hosted by Kami Liddle

第七回目を迎える、世界的ダンサーKami Liddle によるオンラインショー、ロックダウンダンスパーティー!オンラインショーというものをいち早く始めた彼女に、私自身もとてもインスパイアされてきています。

The party starts at 5pm PDT on Saturday September 19th.

9/20(Sun) 9:00am〜(JST日本時間)


The line-up:

Donna Mejia

Mira Betz

Helena Vlahos

Lisa Zahiya

Constance WinYaa

Bindu Bolar

Angela Josephine


Maki Arai

Kami Liddle

The show will be broadcast on Crowdcast.

SHOW LINK: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/lockdown-dance-party-7th

Crowdcast will show you the correct time and date for your timezone. If you cannot catch the show live, it will be available for viewing for 48 hours.

The show is free for all however this is an option to donate when registering. You can also donate via Venmo (kami-liddle) and Paypal (kamiliddle@mac.com). All of your contributions will go to supporting the cost of producing this show and to pay the performers for their time and talent.



Venmo / kami-liddle

Paypal / kamiliddle@mac.com